About Us

stegano.net is a project focused on the network steganography and anomaly detection. Since 2002 our efforts provide innovations in data hiding for existing networks including wireless LANs and IP telephony. We believe that our solutions may exist in networks like the chameleons in the nature. We also try to examine network traffic for possible subliminal channels or anomaly behaviour.

is a home of HICCUPS, LACK, RSTEG, SkyDe, WiPad, PadSteg, StegSuggest, TranSteg and Steg Router. We are still working on brand new ideas (coming soon)... No more secrets, even though the truth is out there ;).

We introduced to the English dictionary and the state of the art some wordings: network steganography, steganophony, steganophone, hiccups, steganographic router and inter-protocol steganography.

Project members:


Prof. Krzysztof Szczypiorski, PhD, DSc (project leader), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Wojciech Mazurczyk, PhD, DSc (project co-leader)
, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Steffen Wendzel, PhD, Fraunhofer FKIE, Bonn, Germany

We closely cooperate with

Prof. Józef Lubacz, PhD, DSc
Krzysztof Cabaj, PhD

Wojciech Frączek, PhD

WUT PhD students

Elżbieta Reszutko, MSc
Piotr Białczak, MSc

WUT B.Sc/M.Sc students

Bartosz Lipiński
Piotr Śmietanka
Paweł Kopiczko
Maciej Karaś
Maciej Podolski
Marcin Urbański