Network Steganography Tools

  1. Steganography Studio - is a tool to learn, use and analyze key steganographic algorithms by Juan Josť Roque, 2009
  2. Netcross - is a tool that utilises DNS protocol as a covert channel by Primiano Tucci, 2010
  3. OpenPuff - new steganography tool that supports many carrier formats images, audio, video support, flash-Adobe support and windows executables authored by Cosimo Oliboni, 2011
  4. Covert.tcp C source code for Covert Channels in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite by Craig H. Rowland. Published in f??sT - mo?d@? (First Monday), Vol.2 No.5 - 5 May 1997.
  5. Socat - a command line utility that allows for creation of custom packets for such protocols like: IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, SCTP.
  6. Gray-World Team's covert channels projects.
  7. hcovert - a steganographic communications tool used to create a covert channel using a HTTP GET request to convey it's message to a webserver and webserver log parsing to retrieve the message. This tool will both send and recieve messages; authored by I)ruid.
  8. SteganRTP - a steganography tool which establishes a full-duplex steganographic data transfer protocol utilizing Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) packet payloads as the cover medium. The tool provides interactive chat, file transfer, and remote shell access; authored by I)ruid, 2007.
  9. VoVoIP is a proof of concept attack which demonstrates a new type of VoIP threat, the VoIP covert channel. With VoVoIP, you can establish a hidden conversation by embedding further compressed voice data into regular PCM-based voice traffic (i.e. G.711 codec); by: Takehiro Takahashi, Wenke Lee, 2007.
  10. Stegtunnel provides a covert channel in the IPID and sequence number fields of any desired TCP connection. It requires the server and client to have a previously shared secret in common to detect and decrypt the data. By: SYN ACK LABS, 2003.
  11. Timeshifter allows to to transmit and receive data by modifying the time intervals between packets. Authored by: Anfractuosity, 2015.
  12. inCC (Invisible Covert Channel) is a light-weight covert channel, which is designed to produce a undetectable communication channel between systems. Authored by: Luis Campo Giralte, Cristina Conde, Isaac Martin de Diego and Enrique Cabello, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, 2013.
  13. StegSIP is a part of thesis project realized at Politecnico di Torino. StegoSIP allocates a point-to-point IP tunnel between two hosts, hiding traffic into SIP/RTP protocol with LSB/LACK steganographic methods, 2012.