Steganography is a general term referring to all methods for the embedding of additional content into some form of carrier, with the aim of concealment of the introduced alterations. The choice of the carrier is nearly unlimited, it may be an ancient piece of parchment, as well as a network protocol header. Inspired by biological phenomena, adopted by man in the ancient times, it has been developed over the ages. Present day steganographic methods are far more sophisticated than their ancient predecessors, but the main principles had remained unchanged. They typically rely on the utilization of digital media files or network protocols as a carrier, in which secret data is embedded.

Here we will be developing the easy to understand tutorials on network steganography history, evolution, principles, concepts and detection.

Currently, three tutorial are available:

  • History and Evolution of Steganography [link]
  • Network Steganography Principles [link]
  • Our Network Steganography Concepts - Brief Overview [link]